Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bin Structure as a Landmark?

Now that the Refinery Building has been designated a Landmark by the Landmarks Commission, some people are wondering why the Bin Structure was not included in the lobby since it is a favorite of many architects. The Bin Structure is the concrete tower that is just south of the Refinery Building with blue glass on its sides at the top. It adds modern elements to Domino.

A member of the lobby to landmark Domino did not think it would be realistic to re-use the Bin Structure since it apparently doesn't have any floors inside, nor windows beneath the blue glass on top. They considered a rock-climbing wall might be an appropriate re-use. When it was suggested that floors and windows could be added, e.g. punched-in openings (like the Maritime Hotel), the member responded that such a renovation would threaten the building's design integrity.

An unintended result of preserving integrity, in this case, is the risk of loosing a City's inspiration.