Saturday, September 15, 2007

Digital Landmark Proposal

Has the lobby to landmark buildings at Domino considered including the Bin Structure (1960)?

New York Architect Ben Checkwitch won a Young Architects "Inhabiting Identity" Award in 2003 from the Architectural League for his proposal to transform the Domino Sugar Factory into a "Digital Landmark". He proposed to install dimmable lights behind the existing colored glass panels, thinking of each panel "like a very large pixel" and the facade as a whole like a very large "blank canvas" for a lightshow. The control would be relinquished to web browsers from home computers and pda's.

Imagine logging onto the Emprie State Building's website to select its palette for the night! Checkwitch's proposal would allow everyone in the neighbrohood to have a shot at impacting how our skyline is experienced.

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